This fashion editorial is our idea of heaven, shot by Juco photography for NY magazine The Cut in the amazing Greenbrier hotel. The lobby is grand and over the top with the iconic banana wallpaper, mixed with graphic and colourful carpet.

In the hallways you find carpets of foliage  mixed with pale pink sofas and bright ceramic lamps.

The bedrooms hold no restraint, they mix florals with colour and its all works by adding a graphic.

All this was designed by the American interior designer Dorothy draper genius woman that she was.  She created a new style known as “Modern Baroque,” adding a modern flair to a classical style.  She used dramatic interior color schemes, and trademark cabbage-rose chintz. She promoted shiny black ceilings, acid-green woodwork and cherry-red floors, believing that “Lovely, clear colors have a vital effect on our mental happiness.  She also chose dramatic and contrasting colour schemes.  Black with white and adding colour. She combined different colors, fabrics, and patterns together, combining stripes with floral patterns. She often used large, oversized details. The colors and patterns contributed to her dramatic design now referred to as “the Draper touch. The opposite of minimalist.






80 (4)










Images sourced from Google images and Little Helsinki


As with the clothes you wear, the way you decorate your home expresses your personality. You could argue even more so, in that it’s behind closed doors, only shared with the lucky few. Unlike our clothes, which we put a public face to, our interiors are entirely ours; creating an enormous amount of freedom in how we decorate. The most important thing about creating a space or an outfit is to make it feel comfortable, sexy and unique to you…. Showing your story and allowing your personality to shine through.


We know there are some days we want to be relaxed, it might be wearing a white lace dress, relaxing in boho chic (even if that doesn’t suit us, who cares!!) and some days we want to wear a fuchsia pink suit that screams HEAR I AM… Women in general are a contradiction, to us that is part of our beauty, and the key to channelling our creativity.

black parrots dress interiors n1

Decorating our homes can sometimes seem daunting, but why not use your fashion style as your starting point. We have been dressing ourselves and finding our style for years through the changing fashions, so why not use this knowledge in your design journey.For us we often start with Pinterest as a great place to find images, for both fashion and interiors, the perfect platform to be able to play with concepts, colour combinations, vintage and new.

black parrots dress interiors n4

black parrots dress interiors n7


black parrots dress interiors n6

Does this give you a new way to tackle your interior style? We would love to see what you come up with, what’s your fashion style and how would you translate it into an interior. Show us on instagram and us #dressyourinteriors so we can see your style.




Who knew that April would be such a busy month? We’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new product line coming later this year, working on our hotel project in Spain and we’ve been in the press. It’s been busy but we love it.Luxpad INTERVIEW WITH SARAH MITCHENALL OF BLACK PARROTS STUDIO

Last week you might have seen Sarah in Amara Living’s Luxpad sharing what we’ve been up to in the past year and what’s planned for the rest of 2017  – click here to read more.

Plus one of our favourite projects we’ve undertaken in the last year was also featured over at Desire to Inspire here.

Do stop by and take a look.

Black Parrots Studio3

This week is Milan design week, unfortunately, we can’t be there due to ongoing work with our Majorca project. Luckily, we can be a part of it through some of the fantastic Instagram stories being posted. Each account we’re following gives us a new perspective on the shows, keeps us up to speed with all the exciting design highlights and emulates the excitement and buzz felt throughout Millan during this time. Here are some of our favourites to follow:

Black parrots studio Dimore studio

2LG   Hello Peagreen   Sarah Akwisombe   AD Germany   Michelle Ogundehin

Mad about the house   AD 

For us, the most disappointing part of not being able to attend Milan Design Week is that we don’t get to see Dimore Studios exhibition, that they put on every year in their Milan apartment. Our hero’s, everything they touch in our opinion is gold. We have been major fans of theirs from very early on and have watched them grow from strength to stratospheric.

Black Parrots studio Dimore studio Fendi Appartment

Fendi commissioned the Dimore duo to create a collection of design pieces for design Miami in 2014 which are now housed in their Millan apartment, Palazzo VIP Fendi. We absolutely love this palette and it inspired the colours for our first job The Brighton Villa in 2015.


Their design of the Casa Fayette Hotel in Guadalajara, Mexico was also a major influence for us especially as we were designing our first hotel. The fabric they used in this image is a Piere ferrey tropical but it inspired and motivated us to design our own collection, coming out soon…

Black Parrots studio Dimore studio hotel

Black Parrots studio Mallorca hotel

Here is the design for the Majorca pool terrace with our blue tropical fabric on the sun beds. We think it makes a stylish addition to the terracotta backdrop.

Black Parrots studio Dimore studio palm

Every year Dimore studio reinvents their apartment and treats us to a vision. One we lock onto for the year until they show us the next amazing creative out burst. They do this with collaborations, antiques, colour, form, pattern. They ask us to experience and for a designer that has to be the most important part of the process. Experience and joy make what we do tangible and human, and not just a beautiful thing to look at.


Black parrits studio Dimore studio black appartment


This is how we understand them, from the online stalking of them that we have done through the years. Our ambition is to be able to go to Milan 2018 and see all for ourselves.

Black Parrots studio Dimore studio dark appartment

Let us know if there are any more Instagram accounts you recommend following for Milan design week.

Thanks xx



Last week I managed to sneak off to Marrakesh on a girl’s weekend in paradise. It’s kept me going through these dreary winter months, knowing that I would see the sun in March. It wasn’t my first visit to Morocco but it had been more than 20 years since I’d visited – practically a lifetime ago.

YSLAnd what a difference 20 years makes too! Morocco has changed but is still so magnificent. This time, as well as having a fun filled trip with amazing women, I readied myself to be captivated. I arrived prepared for a city bursting with colour and packed to the rafters with inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed. We didn’t have a whole lot of time for sight seeing but still, every single activity brought a new perspective from drinking fresh juices to soaking up the sun on the hotel terrace. The hotels in Marrakesh are cool and the restaurants are visually stunning, often only using traditional techniques in their decoration.

jardanMarrakesh for colour loversI also found Marrakesh directly relatable to a project we are working on at Black Parrots Studio. If you follow us on Instagram you’ll know we have been working on a boutique hotel in Mallorca for a while now. We all know how important travel is, how much it adds to our soul and all that. But for me, this was the first time that a travelling experience whole-heartedly impacted an interiors project I am working on right now. A totally new experience for me. I had an inkling before I left the UK that Morocco was going to have an effect on the designs, but I hadn’t expected to see things in such a new light. I’ve come back to the project totally inspired. I now see how I want to make people feel; when they lay by the pool, eat at the restaurant, drink cocktails on the terrace and wake up in the morning. The trip has made me reassess the emotional connections people will have with the space they are in, and it’s safe to say I have a much more laid back design in mind.

If Marrakesh is on your travel radar here are my top places to eat, drink and be inspired. Alexa x

Hotel Fallar
Whether you stay here or just spend the day lounging around the pool, the fruit cocktails are out of this world.

Terrace des Epices
We all enjoyed this charming little spot for lunch.

Le Jardin
A beautiful oasis of green where the design is in the spirit of the 1960s and 70s heydey of Marrakesh.

Jardin Marjorelle
No trip to Marrakesh is complete without a visit here. It’s truly beautiful.

Marrakesh for colour lovers

It’s no secret that we love what we do. Like many creative people, we love lots of things; art, design, fashion, architecture, music. We are both incredibly visual and we spend literally hours pouring over magazines and Pinterest researching. There is just so much inspiration out there with so many remarkable designers creating extraordinary spaces, this constantly evolving creativity helps us to find ways to make our lives more interesting and colourful.

Black Parrots Studio collaboration, design, lovers, colour blocking

Le Corbusier penthouse Paris

Black Parrots Studio calibrations artists colour Le Corbusier

Notre Dame du Haut by Le Corbusier

More than ever there is a blurring of lines across the design industry, which is amazing.  We’ve seen fashion designers turn their hands to designing hotels, garden designers creating wonderful interior schemes and architects designing tableware.  There is such a great value in being able to cross those lines and explore ideas that aren’t just in your chosen field. We both had creative businesses outside of interior design and we love what that has brought to the studio. It’s why we don’t like to put ourselves in a box, as it’s too restricting.  Take pioneering architect Le Corbusier, he didn’t like to be restricted to just one creative outlet. Like us, he didn’t believe in boundaries, his output was vast and included art, sculpture, product design alongside architecture and interiors, and his use of colour blocking at the time was revolutionary. Unsurprisingly he has been inspiring artists, designers and architects for decades, including us. We’re also big fans of colour blocking.  Tony Duquette at the opposite end of the interiors scale was an artist who’s professional career included costume design, set design, jewellery design as well as interior design.  Like Corbusier and Duquette, we find that the starting point for many designs is often linked to our own homes, the need to express ourselves and also experiment. Duquette’s home was teeming with fantastic things, while Corbusier adorned walls and doors with sculpture and art. Both Corbusier and Duquette found their inspiration everywhere.

Black Parrots Studio collaboration design inspiration

Tony Duquette’s Hollywood Home Office

Black Parrots Studio collaboration design inspiration

Gucci campaign shot in Tony Duquette’s Hollywood Home

We’re not sure what we are more smitten with above, the malachite cushions and drapes or Tom Hiddleston wearing Gucci?

Along with our passion for interiors, we bring our experience as multidisciplinary designers to all our projects. We’ve worked with some remarkably talented people along the way who have fired us up with possibilities. We look forward to the future and all its collaborations, learning new skills, sharing ideas, and being lucky enough to be working in a creative world without any boundaries.

We love hearing from other people about their creative journey, so please tell us about your passion.

Black Parrots Studio collaboration design inspirationImage sources: 1. via AD 2. via ARCHatlas 3. via 4. Gucci campaign shot at Tony Duquette estate © Glen Luchford 5. via Vogue Living © Richard Powers

We went on a tour of The Grand Brighton the other day; we’ve always envisioned it would be somewhere we might end out our days. An old people’s home meets private members club with all our closest and most fabulous friends. Bring your pets and bring your dancing shoes.



Our vision is a reimagined Gin Palace of sorts, designed with our friends in mind. It will, of course, be undeniably glamorous and louche but it will also be heavy on the kitsch. Imagine saturated colour, lavish interiors that are seedy in parts, after all, gin makes you sin. Add the oddness of beautiful coiffured aging ladies donned in gold lamé bikinis or dressed-up marigold-hued duchesses in satin and sequins.

BLACK PARROTS STUDIO_bring your pets



It will be grand, filled with old school flamboyance but with hedonistic seventies touches. An old peoples home for lushes who keep dehydrated powdered cocktails about their person. From 2 pm with gin in the teacups dancing will begin with the Tango and as day turns to night we’ll be partying like we’re in Ibiza.


Slipping into something more comfortable we’d go to our private quarters. In more intimate parts of the hotel, the wall-to-wall shagpile carpet and mirrored ceilings will delight us in our dotage. The artwork will feature plenty of eye candy and the staff will be discreet and know when to look the other way. Then when it all gets too much and we need a change of scene the helipad on the roof will be at our disposal.




If you enjoyed our vision of The Grand Brighton maybe you’d like to join our private member’s club by signing up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Don’t worry we won’t bombard you we’ll just let you know about the new and exciting events that are coming up in 2017 for Black Parrots Studio.

Image source:

1 and 3 by Black Parrots Studio, 2, via the Caledonian mining expedition company and Byblos Art Hotel 4 (interior) by Galerie May,  5 (WC) via,  6 (interior) the Madonna Inn via A Beautiful Mess  7 interior via Black Parrots Studio Pinterest, 8 (interior) the Madonna Inn via A Beautiful Mess. All other images: This is what our generation will look like when we retire photography by Alex de Mora for


One of our biggest passions is colour, it’s bound to be of course, being such a massive part of what we do. It’s also a huge part of what we love about interior design. We wanted to share how we create colour palettes, and maybe inspire you with a new way to choose colour for your home.

Black Parrots studio colour inspiration

How Black Parrots studio create colour palettes for clients

Creating your own colour scheme can seem a bit intimidating but like most things it’s about finding inspiration before you can develop a concept. We find our inspiration from so many places, you name it, it can inspire – travel, art, film, music, food, fashion. Right now we are in the middle of fashion month with fashion shows happening in NY, London, Milan and this week Paris. As creative people we’re a little bit obsessed with fashion too, so we naturally follow the shows. What we have realized is that we are looking at the collections from a different perspective these days and not just for our wardrobes ideas! We get incredibly excited with the colour combinations, shapes, textures and pattern that we see, as it can be translated into inspiration for our interiors projects. In fact we are like kids in a sweet shop during fashion month.

How Black Parrots studio create colour palettes for clients

How Black Parrots studio create colour palettesWatching in awe how leading fashion designers practice their craft, we have taken inspiration on how they process their ideas to create collections. They balance the many details of cut, colour and texture to create desirable items of clothing. The way that they translate their inspiration into a beautiful story inspires how we approach our interior spaces

How black parrots studio create colour palettes

Let us know what colour palettes you come up with and share them on instagram with the hashtag #Blackparrotsstyle, we’d love to see them and we’ll share our favourites.

If you want more fashion inspiration visit our pinterest page and see what we have been pinning. Link here


All interior images from top: 1 via Decor8, 2 via Arkpad, 3 via pinterest, 4 via sketch24, 5 via Ashley Hicks

Fashion images: Image 1 and 3 Roksanda fall 2017,  Image 2 and 4 mulberry fall 2017, Last image 1 Joseph 2 Delpozo 3 Derk Lam

Gold has been used throughout history to inspire awe and here at Black Parrots Studio we think it’s dynamite. Once the preserve of nobility, its sophistication has always been counterbalanced with flamboyance and dazzle. As a colour it’s warming and it strongly reflects light giving it a glittering, delightful and playful quality.  

Black Parrots Studio Blog Post_Gold by Kelly Wearstler

image via Kelly Wearstler

While warm metals have been a trend for a couple of seasons now and seem to show no signs of abating, here at BPS we are big fans of gold. In fact we’ve been in love with gold for most of our lives. So if warm coppers and rose gold’s aren’t for you we’d suggest that you try the rich glamour of yellow gold which is an enduring classic and has been used in interiors for centuries. You’ve only got to look at the walls of most stately homes to see the gilded 17th Century frames.  There are some things all design lovers can appreciate and gold is more of a comeback kid, than a new kid on the block. It’s been the darling of the interiors world through many style movements most notably Italian Renaissance, Art Deco and 70’s and 80’s disco glamour.  Gold is timeless; gold is rich, adventurous and most importantly it works with a myriad of styles and colours. We’ve always thought of it as the perfect accessory whether you are the one wearing it, or your walls are. 

Black Parrots Studio Blog post_Gold by DIMORE STUDIO_LAGRANGE12

image via Dimore Studio

You might not have the confidence to go “full gold” like above but by using elements like shimmery fabrics and molten finishes mixed with a bit of 70s earthiness you’ll create a winning formula in our book.  So give your home the Midas touch with our current top 5 gold interior loves. 

5 must haves gold

  1. Large Cheese plant light from Black Parrots Studio 
  2. Atollo238 table lamp by Vico Magistretti from Oluce Light 
  3. Newberg Gold cutlery by
  4. Round Tusk ring by Alexa de Castilho for Black Parrots Studio
  5. Vintage G-Shaped Gold-Plated Coffee Table via Pamono

Are you obsessed with gold too?  Any favourites of the ones we’ve chosen?